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Topic subjectBy the time I say something I'm usually fuming
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110318, By the time I say something I'm usually fuming
Posted by janey, Mon May-14-07 02:19 PM
in part because I think that it's common sense that you should not rattle bags, snap gum, or hold conversations during movies, so I think you have to be either brain-damaged or DOING IT ON PURPOSE TO PISS ME OFF.

So it's all an act when I'm pleasant about it.

Damn, during the film festival, in a really quiet moment during a long film, a filmgoer (whose voice I recognized, haha, a film festival friend but not a friend otherwise) *shouted* "WOULD YOU TURN THAT THING OFF!!!!"


I mean, you could tell that it had been bothering him for at least an hour before he let loose. That's why I think it's also important to nip it in the bud. Otherwise, you'll just sit there and fret and fume and you won't see the movie.

I couldn't believe it when they just left. If I hadn't told her to shut up, they would have sat there and talked about how violent the movie was for 2 hours, lol.