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Topic subjectTalking During Movies In The Theatre
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110314, Talking During Movies In The Theatre
Posted by janey, Mon May-14-07 01:43 PM
We're all very testy about this so I wanted to share with you all a GREAT experience I had yesterday.

I went to see The Wind That Shakes The Barley (great movie, by the way) and it turns out you really have to concentrate on that motherfucker because of the extremely heavy Irish accents (for that reason, it might be one you want to wait to see until it's out on dvd). In fact, before the film even started, someone from the theatre announced that (i) the accents are really heavy; (ii) there's a lot of violence and torture; and (iii) the print they had had some scratches, and if that was a problem for anyone, they'd be happy to return their money.

Not a problem for me.

Lights go down, trailers, etc. At that point, two women come into the theatre and sit down two seats away from me. One promptly starts digging in her purse and rattling those plastic bags that are supremely noisy. I wait through the trailers, thinking that if it goes on during the movie itself, I'll ask her to stop. That part calms down. The movie starts. About five minutes into it, the rattling has slowed but not completely ceased, and the woman nearest me has spoken to her companion twice in a normal tone of voice. So I lean over to her and say, in the most pleasant voice I can muster, "Please don't talk during the movie!"

She says, "I was just saying that this movie might be too violent for me."


"You can get your money back," I tell her.

"YOU CAN?" she fairly shouts.

"Yes," I say. "They announced it before you got here."

Rattle rattle, whisper whisper and they're gone. No interruptions for the rest of the film.

I HIGHLY recommend this strategy to anyone and everyone. lol


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