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Topic subjectstudying in western academia
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8373, studying in western academia
Posted by Federisco, Tue Jun-04-02 08:34 AM
soon i'm about to go to university, and i am wondering about how it would be to study cultural anthropology or any other course that covers the dynamics of culture and how they are shaped and how they change --- specially the natural changes of cultures. I wonder how it is to study such topics when it is a very european study, dominated by europeans and following european thought.

How much does studying in western academia change your way to see things? and how do you avoid it changing you too much? (because i want to have personal growth, i dont want to be mentally shaped by the university so that i can fit into the modern western society)

What are alternatives to studying in western academia? and would you do it or have you done it? will you gain from it?

...you can post about anything else you have on your mind, as long as it sticks to the topic.

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