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Topic subjectCoconut drops (drops)
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8304, Coconut drops (drops)
Posted by FireBrand, Fri Jun-28-02 08:27 AM
Coconut Drops

makes 3 or 4 dozen candies
2 coconuts, slivered in 1/2" pieces
2 lbs. brown sugar
2" piece of fresh ginger root
1 cup cool tap water
6 banana leaves, or moistened aluminum foil

In a large pot, cover coconut meat with water and let stand for about two hours. Add sugar and ginger, and simmer over medium high heat. Stir with wooden spoon every few minutes to keep from sticking to bottom of pot and cook until the sugar id completely dissolved and the mixture begins to adhere to the spoon. Drop by spoonfuls onto banana leaves or a wet cutting board and let cool to harden.