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Topic subjectVeggie Tacos
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8288, Veggie Tacos
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Jun-13-02 02:13 AM
Not really a burger but...


baked potato
soy bacon bits
cayenne pepper
curry powder
white corn taco sized tortillas
celery tops
Smash the baked potato with a few spoons of hummus. Add one rib of finely minced celery and a spoonful of soy bacon bits. Add nayonaise and spices to taste. (I like mine to be not as wet as potato salad.)

Divide mixture in two and place on two taco sized tortillas and spread out. Place on your pizza stone or on foil in your oven for five minutes until the tortilla has warmed and softened.

Fold the tortilla in half to make a taco with the potato filling inside. Garnish with celery tops.

This "taco" reminds me on an indian samosa, but is easier to make and less fattening because it's not deep fried.

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 10 min.