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Topic subjectspring rolls
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8276, spring rolls
Posted by guerilla_love, Mon Jul-01-02 01:22 AM
i made this recipe up after watching a friend do it the right way, but it tasted right to me

soak bean threads in hot water

blend/chop mushrooms, greens, onion, garlic, green onions, ginger & carrot

cut hard/baked/dry tofu (the exxxtra firm kind available in asian stores works best) into small strips and cook in pan using sesame oil, garlic and ginger powders, salt/adobo, black pepper, cayenne pepper, natural peanut butter, a touch of soy sauce

i chose to mix the bowl, pan & bean threads, but u can keep them separate

briefly soak/dip spring roll wraps in warm water and roll ingredients up using the softened sheets

serve/bake/fry/whatever u choose