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Topic subjectAckee & Tofu/veggie Scallops
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8274, Ackee & Tofu/veggie Scallops
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Jun-13-02 03:10 AM
a twist on the classic Jamaican recipe. You gotta make up for the lack of saltfish with slices of tofu and veggie scallops.

2 dozen ackees in pods (or 1 tin of ackees)
1 sprig thyme
lb (150 g) veggie scallops/or tofu 1 hot pepper
2 tablespoons (1oz, 25 g) butter 1
small tomato, chopped
cup (2. fl oz, 50 ml) oil
2 onions sliced, black pepper

Choose ackees that are completely open, with the black seed and yellow fruit clearly visible in the scarlet pod.
This is important, as unripe ackees contain a highly toxic substance.Remove the ackees from the pods.
Discard the seeds and the pink membrane found in the cleft of each fruit.
Wash them and put them to boil in a large pot of water with the salt fish.
Or tie them in a muslin bag and drop the bag into the water with the fish.This prevents the ackees from disintegrating.)
As soon as the ackees are tender, pour the contents of the pot into a large sieve, discarding the water.
Separate the ackees from the fish. Run some cold water over the fish so that you can remove the bones
and skin comfortably, then flake it and set it aside. (If using tinned ackees,
empty them into a sieve then rinse under cold running water and set aside.
Fry scallops until browned and add teaspoon of Scothbonnet.
Add the onions, thyme and hot pepper slices, and the tomato if desired. Stir for a few minutes then add the flaked fish.
Stir for a few more minutes then add the drained ackees, carefully stirring so as not to crush them this is a matter of taste,
as some people do not like the ackees crushed. Add a little more oil if necessary,
sprinkle with plenty of freshly ground black pepper, and the dish is ready.

a main course, serve wtih avocado pear slices, fried plantains,
bammies, yams, dumplings and roasted breadfruit all make fine accompaniments. Serves 4.