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8248, greens
Posted by guerilla_love, Wed Jun-19-02 01:42 AM
are extreeeeeeeeemely important in a veg diet

there are so many different kinds, including salad greens, spinach, collards, mustards, chard, kale, ......... salad greens are best raw, and other greens are good both raw and cooked

to cook, put in a pot with some sauteed onions and garlic (with or without ginger and hot peppers), with or without tomatoes (potatos have to cook before the greens if u add them. chopped queso fresco is good too if ur ovo-lacto), and with salt/adobo, black pepper, powdered ginger and garlic, powdered red pepper, etc. to taste. cover and cook to taste, which will be in less than 10 minutes, sometimes even 3-5 minutes.

u can also use veggie broth to season them and/or smoke flavor

be careful not to overseason them