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Posted by mayowa, Tue Jul-23-02 11:22 AM

PaulNice really stirred things up now!

Okay, I'mma try to look beyond your words to what you're really trying to say, so just hear me out.

1) You seem to want to prove that Africans are just as "racist" (according to the dictionary's definition) as anyone else

2) And that racism (once again, according to the dictionary's definition) has absolutely nothing to do with power

Okay. And your point is? You seem so focused on definitions. Suppose I concur with you that blacks can be racist? What does that change? Does that change the fact that there are some places I am not "allowed" to go coz of my colour? Does that change the fact that it's hard for me to get a job while others don't seem to have that problem, despite the fact that I was one of the best students in my class?

What if I went a step futher and told you that precisely because of these things, I'm now "racist", according to you. Would your point be proven? Would you feel better? Well, if that's the case then I'll say it - I despise white people! I despise crackers! I hate you all! And you better not let me catch you in the streets coz if I do I'mma cut off your balls and hang them to dry!

Got that off my chest. Paul, when I use the term racism I mean what happens to me on a daily basis. My definition might not agree with yours but it's mine. And the fact that white media have often used the term "black racism" suggests to me that most people agree with my definition. Why else would the adjective "black" have to be added to the word "racism" when I hate on you?

You're just playing with words man. Different words mean different things to different people, dictionary or no dictionary. If I called you a "hoe" you probably wouldn't get pissed coz in the dictionary that's defined as a garden tool, right? :)

But I will say this. Hear your views coz we need to hear them. One, it makes us come more correct, and two, it makes us know exactly how "racist" people (my definition now) like you think.