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Posted by righteouslady, Mon Jul-22-02 04:38 PM
I like this discussion although it would seem that you have strayed from the subject at times.

Here's my two cents, I agree that this argument is just semantics. If we adhere to definition of racism submitted by 'PaulNice'(Oh Paul you need to always provide reference information so that we all can read it-- I mean is it Webster, Klu Klux Klan or what white man gave you that definition) then what is he really saying. Racism is the belief that one's 'race accounts for human character and or ability and that a particular race is superior to others'. And if I accept this definition then what? To seperate one's belief from one's actions is impossible. The belief is not what hurts it's the action that stems from it. I can believe that a rock has special powers to kill but it is only when I pick up that rock to kill that I do harm. I could care less what you believe it is only when you turn me down for a job that you do me harm. And if you have no power to turn me down for a job, a loan, a contract, etc then what does it matter what you believe. My beliefs do no harm but the actions attached to it are deadly. To subscribe to the definition that Mr. PaulNice provided would be to believe that one can seperate beliefs from actions. And if that is possible then I don't care who is racist as long as they don't act upon those beliefs