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Topic subjectRE: I'm -not- rooting for Paul.
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7695, RE: I'm -not- rooting for Paul.
Posted by cued, Thu Jul-25-02 07:21 AM
Here's one for ya:

If you are white and not struggling to become anti-racist (or a recovering racist as I have once heard someone say) then yes, you are racist and your journey begins once you accept that.

If you are a person of color, I have to know which and go over what I know about that culture of color because different cultures of color "handle"/"deal" with the system of racism differently.

However, if I wasn't in a very forgiving mindset and was truly fed up, I would just call you confused or maybe even stupid, but that depends on whether I am giving in to my gut or my mind... while my mind seems more diplomatic, often, it agrees with my gut.