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Topic subjectRE: I'm -not- rooting for Paul.
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7693, RE: I'm -not- rooting for Paul.
Posted by cued, Tue Jul-23-02 10:20 AM
Discrimination and racism are not one and the same and that is one of the reasons why using a dictionary is folly.

And he is racist. All white people are whether they want to be or not. You see, to me, it isn't saying you are a bad person. I know plenty of good racist folks. But unless you are struggling to become anti-racist, you are racist. Yes, a dichotomy, but either you are resisting the problem or you are a part of it.

_And nobody will blame you_! At least I won't. But if you are in my face, talking racist talk and I can see it and all sides of it, why do I need to convince myself something smells of flowers when it smells of shit?

You don't know me either. However, I can tell you that you are working from the praxis of believing that a racist person is someone ugly and horrible... or even a KKK or skin. But the truth is, when it comes to people of color and their spaces, the people who can be most harmful and detrimental to us are liberal white folks who have not started to unravel their dysconcious racism, use rhetorical ethic (which is interesting here in cyber-space because your words start to contradict instead of actions and words as usual), and then show yourselves as the racists you truly are.

Harsh? Perhaps. But truth can be.