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Topic subjectRE: I'm -not- rooting for Paul.
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7691, RE: I'm -not- rooting for Paul.
Posted by cued, Mon Jul-22-02 06:52 PM
Welcome to OkayActivist.

IF you aren't PaulNice under another name, seeming as he's always quick with the affirmation, but never attempting to actually engaged anyone who has his clock, but I digress.

However, you are wrong.

You see, white people hate Black people all the time in a myriad of ways. That isn't shocking. And yes, Black people hate white people in all those various ways as well. The DIFFERENCE lies in who has the ability to take that "race" based hatred and turn it into law. That is the basis of the machine of racism -- that ability right there.

And while we can sit here and discuss institutional racism till the cows come how, we might want to think about the ways in which institutional racism works to empower the personal racist who can say things, do things, etc. to people of color and be backed by the institution.

If you want to hate Black people because you think they hate you, fine. But why not call a rake a rake and have a day? Why attempt to create this sloppy argument of racism being "equal" and "universalistic?" It is nothing more than justification for your own hatred of Black people, specifically, and people of color in general.

Don't hide it, own it.