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Topic subjectRE: I'm rooting for Paul.
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7687, RE: I'm rooting for Paul.
Posted by REBELSIN, Mon Jul-22-02 03:45 PM
Well, this is a double edged knife. . .
I do believe that anyone has the capacity/ability to be racist. If the definition of racism is institutional racism, then so be it, and so yes, whites are the only racists, however. . .
I don't think that this was what Paul was referring to. His main aim was to say that yes, his people can be/have been very racist in the past and present, and unfortunately, probably in the future, but beyond the actual word 'racist', there has been a discrimination against another person due to the color of their skin which has created the situation in which people have existed and continue to exist in today. This is what he was saying could go both ways. It's true that on this planet today, white people have been the 'race at fault', however, and I believe this to be where he wanted this conversation to go, just as a black member of the HUMAN RACE can hate being looked down upon because of the color of his/her skin, a white member of the HUMAN RACE can as well. There have been claims of his subconsciously implying that he has the right to hate the blackman because the blackman hates him. Bullshit. I don't want to speak for him, but the point is, there are some white people who have racist family members, maybe have even been raised by racist parents, if they can grow up and think that the beliefs of their ancestors, parents, whatever are false and ridiculous, why shouldn't they think the same about someone of a different race harboring negative thoughts against another race, in this case, his own. Okay, that last sentence may have confused everyone a bit, but I think my point has come across. The past is important for us to remember and learn from, so let's learn from it, and in turn learn to embrace eachother as members of the HUMAN RACE. Why argue?

By the way, this is my first post, I've always read these and been itching to respond. Sorry if I'm stepping out of place as a newcomer.