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Topic subjectRE: You know what's funny...
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7662, RE: You know what's funny...
Posted by cued, Mon Jul-22-02 01:35 PM
I disagree. All white people are racist because they have the power to put their race prejudice into action.

However, I like "reaction" however, you are using it as a way not to say "racists" and therefore, I can't really agree with you from where you stand.

Race prejudice isn't new and in and of itself isn't harmful. What changes racial prejudice into racism is where power is involved, the ability to make laws with this racial prejudice in mind.

Personally, I don't think that there is anything wrong with Black people not wanting to deal with white people. In fact, I believe they are probably a lot healthier, mentally, emotionally, spritually, and psychically not dealing with white people at all. Does that make you wanna call me a racist? Save your breath and your time -- you just don't understand it from the direction I'm looking in. Mayhap, one day, you will evolve a bit and you'll be able to understand why white people aren't just the most wonderful people on earth. One day, and hopefully soon, you will grow up and realize that there is no one universalized anything and that same world can look like three different things to three different people and it is all the same world.

And once that day comes, that will be an epiphany.