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Topic subjectRE: You know what's funny...
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7661, RE: You know what's funny...
Posted by PaulNice, Fri Jul-19-02 05:08 PM
>...that before you made this monstrocity of a thread, i said
>something like i believe black people can be racist as well,
>with some arguments, and you told me it was useless because
>nobody would agre anyway. So what the fuck possessed you to
>go and type at least 20 posts in here to defend your

I said "don't bother" because I've been having this argument with Miss Freeman and some others for some time. I guess I didn't necessarily mean "don't bother", just that it's sometimes a waste of time trying to educate the obstinate. I, however, am on a mission from God, and cannot leave these poor fools in the darkness of ignorance.