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Topic subjectYou know what's funny...
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7660, You know what's funny...
Posted by watdefok, Fri Jul-19-02 04:34 PM
...that before you made this monstrocity of a thread, i said something like i believe black people can be racist as well, with some arguments, and you told me it was useless because nobody would agre anyway. So what the fuck possessed you to go and type at least 20 posts in here to defend your opinion?

You know what? It doesn't even matter.
Wether blacks can be racist or not, we ALL have to start trying our best to get along. Because if we don't, there's still gonna be white racism, and black... i'll just call it a reaction.
It's a fact that whenever a group of people is being oppressed, their natural reaction is to resist and fight back. The American system lacks equality at the cost of black people, so a reaction can be expected. However, when this reaction becomes a general hatred towards all white people, even those who don't treat anybody wrong, it becomes counter-productive. Because then, white people will also react against what they experience as false accusition, stigmatization, and yes, racism... and as a result, more white people will become racists again, only making the situation worse.
It's the system that's racist. Most common white civilians are not racists, if they are prejudiced than that's just ignorance in most cases but i can assure you that most don't even give a damn about color. I don't live in America, but of the hundreds of white people i know, there are only about 10 racists, and no serious ones either because most of them have black friends as well so they're just ignorant.
Nobody can just change the system... I think we should all try our best to get along. If we all start to mingle some more, more white people will ope their eyes for what's ging on and realize that black people are still underprivileged, and maybe they'll even keep that in mind next time they vote. Having them scared and angry at black people whose reactions to racism got out of control doesn't help fight racism, it might even make them vote for the worst guy possible.