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Posted by GodFreedom, Fri Jul-19-02 06:09 PM
Why are you cussing man? Chill out.

We are going to agree to disagree but let me clarify one thing.

What I am saying is, racism is not an attitude, it's a question of power. Racial prejudice is an attitude. It's you thinking Blacks are unintelligent, lazy, etc. I can be prejudice to a race. But Blacks in the U.S. do not have the power to act on that prejudice to the extent to be called racist. To have power we have to be organized. This white system is organized, it's a racist system. We get a racist education. In the economy, the darker faces get less of the better jobs. Race is the societal implication that one's physical difference appearance affects the way one is socialized. Racism is opression and or subjugation because of race. We will always be second class citizens here, because of racism.

If you take everything on face value and let Webster define the world for you, you will be lost. If I let Webster define me, I wouldn't know who I were. 30 years ago, Webster said I was a Negro, before that I was colored, nigger, etc. Now I am African American according to him. Which one is it? It's set up to keep me confused. You disagree though. You think the dictionary isn't bias, isn't racist.

The only thing I am disagreeing with you on is the definition of racism. Go ask a college professor who teaches sociology. Share our discussion with him or her. Racism deals with power, Racial prejudice deals with ideals and attitudes.