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Posted by PaulNice, Fri Jul-19-02 06:21 PM
>PEACE Paul,

Good to see you, Ra

>Why Am I not suprised to see none other than My man PaulNice
>as the creator of this post? Still following that agenda
>huh? :)

Yes. My agenda to enlighten the masses is in full effect.

>Anyways.....I'm suprised at you using a US Justice
>department reference to a statistic on hate crimes. You
>know as well as I that the name Justice Department is a
>misnomer. Also, I've read many instances where obvious hate
>crimes were not being investigated as such....Which brings
>the obvious question: Who decides what is and what isn't to
>be charged as a crime of hate? Sounds to me like it is
>totally based on perception....And of course whether or not
>the district or state attorney responsible of trying the
>crime has an agenda or not. This is all irrelevant to a
>certain degree anyway, so I'll go back to doing what I was

While I agree with you that I rarely trust anything the gov't says, this figure does not seem farfetched to me, mostly because the crime rate among blacks is so high that any crime in particular would have a magnified percentage. I realize there are socioeconomic reasons for this.

>P.S. You'll be suprised to find that I agree with you on
>this post. You're right Blacks can be racist when being
>judged by the definition of the word Racist, in the
>dictionary. However, I think Nettrice spoke for all if not
>most people of color when she said the focus should be on
>the surrounding aspects of "Racism".

When actually combatting the problem of racism, I agree so far as to say that the focus should FIRST be on the surrounding aspects, which collectively in this case make up the phenomena known as "institutionalized racism", which has had the most adverse effects on society. This, of course, does not deny the existence of or the importance of combatting other kinds of racism, one being black racism.

>After all...it doesnt
>matter when you dont have the "juice" to enforce you

Well, it DOES matter, it just won't have as negative an effect on American society if one doesn't have the "juice". It is still evil.

Hey Ra - you should go to thelyceum.org - there's a lot of debates there where your knowledge of ancient Egypt/Kemet would be of good use. PM me.