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Posted by PaulNice, Wed Jul-24-02 11:50 AM
>hate crimes against Blacks are

What's your point?

>I want blacks and minorities who represent
>reality. Mainstream rappers and ballers do not represent us.
>They own millions, drive Bentleys, have an entourage of
>hoes. How many Blacks(or other minorities) live that
>lifestyle? They, along with Condoleeza, Ward, and Powells
>don't represent us.

This is retarded. Are you saying that the blacks that flood the entertainment industry do not represent the African American experience because they are successful? Explain to me how a black person can make it in entertainment enough to "rep" you while remaining unsuccessful.

>Did you not read my replies? I clearly stated *potential
>threat*. And that is precisely why white media refuses to
>give us any voice.

Nope. Not a "potential" threat either. Small in number, poverty stricken, no voice, eschewing self-reliance and personal responsibility in favor of a what-am-I-owed philosophy -- too much would have to change before there was even a hint of a potential threat. It will take GENERATIONS.

>And yes Paul, media and government are afraid of our
>potential power which is why they're so eager to censor the
>voices of black revolutionaries.

No they aren't, because there are no more viable black revolutionaries. Black integrationists are viewed as weak. Black separatists are ignored because no one in their right mind would leave these shores to live in disease infested, corrupt, poverty-stricken Africa.

>This is also the reason why the FBI investigates all those
>who champion radicalism. If they weren't a threat, why the
>gubment keeping a close eye on their activities. If black
>radicals aren't a threat, why did the FBI monitor the
>activities of Malcolm, Martin Luther, SNCC, and all other
>civil rights groups? Why, in the 70s, did COINTELPRO have
>files on all Black Power movements? Why the fuck did the
>feds bomb the MOVE headquarters? White folks pissin' in
>their dockers out of fear that their privilege is being

Delusions of grandeur. No one cares anymore. The NOI became a joke, until Farrakhan abandoned Elijah Muhammed. The Panthers are powerless because of the general apathy of the black community - an apathy the American gov't fostered with disastrous welfare programs.

>Which is why I criticized the media in the first place. Why

Because they are a pop-industry and a propaganda machine. They must "front" to keep the people from realizing this, or caring.

That's characteristically white. Y'all always tryin'
>to hide behind some superficial mask.


>Unmask yourselves.
>Look at your username, PaulNice. It sounds like a
>compassionate, humanitarian, friendly name. But of course,
>it's just a mask to hide your real self. I'm perceptive
>enuff to see right through you, but others ain't.


>I declared my pride in Blacks and you retaliated by bringin'
>in pseudo measures of intelligence to argue against my
>opinion. If your intention wasn't to convince me that my
>black pride wasn't credible, what was it?

You are a lying filthy snake. You never meet an argument head on. Stop being a pussy. You declared no "pride", you declared that you are a black supremacist. I pointed out that there isn't one single shred of evidence to support such a ridiculous ideology.

>>Yes, that's unfortunate.
>Unfortunate? C'mon you coulda come up with a better
>adjective than that. A use of an euphemism to lighten the
>atrocoties that took place.

Granted, I could have used a stronger word, but one wouldn't have been warranted. It was merely "unfortunate". That's all.

> People didn't have even a
>>rudimentary understanding of sociology or psychology back
>>then, and unfortunately the majority of the world felt this
>And they still don't. How many more centuries is it gonna
>take for you slow muthafuckas to see the light?

Perhaps you should get off your ass and show them, instead of crying and bitching all the time.

>And did Muhammad use his theory to murder, exploit, rape
>whites in the same way that TJ did?

I'm sorry, who did Thomas Jefferson murder? Rape? I won't say "exploit", because he did own slaves. Rather unfortunate.

>When someone is responsible for justifyin' the murder of
>coloured people, there's no seein' past the negative.

Could you please quote Thomas Jefferson "justifying" the murder of blacks? That'd be interesting. I imagine that link is probably lost, along with the one about Usama.

>You and I have radically different definitions of
>brilliance. To me, a man/woman of brilliance is someone who
>-morally upright

Nothing to do with brilliance.

>-has the mental faculties to observe the conditions of those
>in suffering

Which TJ did, thus his insistence that a condemnation of slavery be included in the Declaration of Independance.

>-uses his knowledge for the benefit of the oppressed

Nothing to do with brilliance, though he did that as well.

>-willing to sacrifice all in the name of his/her people

Which he was.

>-questions the establishment

Which he did.


Which he was.

>-comes from a humble background and yet, even when all odds
>are piled against him/her, he/she still manages to break the

Please explain what one's background has to do with brilliance?

>TJ is none of those.


>You claim his brilliance only on the
>basis of his place in white man's history.

Incorrect. I said he was a BRILLIANT WRITER - based on his writings.

>Well, gee Paul....the only American folks who had the
>genuine understanding of democracy were our Black civil
>rights leaders.

Untrue, and ridiculous.

>It's thanks to them that there's chunks of
>democracy in this wasteland. I


>If that's not revolutionary, I
>don't know what is.

Correct. You do not.

>Yeah, soon followed by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and

Irrelevant. That doesn't negate the accomplishment of defeating the Nazis. Your whole paragraph about Hiroshima was irrelevant, and is being dealt with in another post.

>Not to mention, 110,000 Japanese AMERICANS were herded into
>concentration camps. Now, ain't that a proud moment in

No, it wasn't. It's funny though, they came out of those camps and prospered. Maybe they got out and worked instead of bitching and whining - just a thought.

>Oh yeah, how can I forget 'bout the millions of Native
>Americans who were murdered, raped, and dehumanized by
>whitey. Stars and stripes!

The point is...?

>What kind of democratic republic is this?

What do you mean? Does every citizen have the right to vote?

> Creating the most
>>prosperous nation on earth.
>At whose expense? Not only was this country's economy built
>on the backs of slaves, but even til this day, they've yet
>to learn from their mistakes.

And your point is...?

>And how did these countries become dependant in the first
>place? Western colonization. African empires were thrivin'
>'fore white folks asserted their unwanted ass into their
>land and bloodied up the place. As a result of the slave
>trade, 120 million Africans either murdered or enslaved.
>Even now, you're hands are covered in blood as your brethren
>continue to exploit a continent of rich mineral resources
>and even richer people

My hands are clean and I feel ABSOLUTELY NO WHITE GUILT. My concience is CLEAN. Feels pretty good.

> Providing billions in famine relief
>>all over the world.
>Who are starving as a result of capitalism and white
>supremacy. Y'all take shits in these countries, but don't
>wanna hang around when it's time to clean up.

As a result of capitalism? How?

> Accepting millions of immigrants from
>>all over the world - including Africa - who somehow seem to
>>come here and prosper better than the minorities who already
>>live here, interestingly enough.
>Because they come to excape from the western exploitation
>that bloodies their land even more than it does here. And
>why do Afrikan immigrants do better than native Blacks?
>Simple. Because they were socialized into valuing education.
>We don't have that here. We're given schools that delete
>our history and expects us to fail.

Here you go again, talking about what you're given and what your getting. GO OUT AND GET YOUR OWN FUCKING SHIT. THAT's the problem.

>How 'bout cuttin' back on white representation. Sounds like
>a better option.

I disagree.

>And now, I'm fuckin' tired

You got that right.