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7644, ai'ight...
Posted by MFreeman, Tue Jul-23-02 10:37 PM
lemme try to sort this shit out.....

>>But they are now in prison, right?
>I would hope so. What's your point?

Again, I'll repeat: hate crimes against Blacks are institutionalized. hate crimes against Blacks are institutionalized. hate crimes against Blacks are institutioned.

One mo' time for the dead horse: hate crimes against Blacks are institutionalized.

>>Oh fuck....so you are of the opinion that blacks only have
>>the capacity to rap and play basketball?
>Do you have a reading comprehension problem? You said the
>ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY ignored blacks. In a lifetime of
>idiotic statements, that one is up there in your top 300,

Dude....I said Blacks/coloured folks aren't repped. By representation, I mean Blacks who represent the collective Black experience. I want blacks and minorities who represent reality. Mainstream rappers and ballers do not represent us. They own millions, drive Bentleys, have an entourage of hoes. How many Blacks(or other minorities) live that lifestyle? They, along with Condoleeza, Ward, and Powells don't represent us.

>Nope. A people with no power and none in sight pose no
>threat. Go spout your looney theories anywhere you wish.

Did you not read my replies? I clearly stated *potential threat*. And that is precisely why white media refuses to give us any voice.

One mainstream Afrocentric voice will be followed by a chain of reactions, all of which will cause the demise of white institutions.

And yes Paul, media and government are afraid of our potential power which is why they're so eager to censor the voices of black revolutionaries.

This is also the reason why the FBI investigates all those who champion radicalism. If they weren't a threat, why the gubment keeping a close eye on their activities. If black radicals aren't a threat, why did the FBI monitor the activities of Malcolm, Martin Luther, SNCC, and all other civil rights groups? Why, in the 70s, did COINTELPRO have files on all Black Power movements? Why the fuck did the feds bomb the MOVE headquarters? White folks pissin' in their dockers out of fear that their privilege is being threatened.

>You really have a comprehension problem, don't you? It's
>rather sad. Anyway, I'll explain THIS to you as well - I
>never said we should be proud of our news. I said they have
>to keep up an APPEARANCE/FACADE/FRONT of professionalism.

Which is why I criticized the media in the first place. Why front? That's characteristically white. Y'all always tryin' to hide behind some superficial mask. Unmask yourselves. Look at your username, PaulNice. It sounds like a compassionate, humanitarian, friendly name. But of course, it's just a mask to hide your real self. I'm perceptive enuff to see right through you, but others ain't.

>>Then why did you go out of your way to measure blacks
>>accordin' to their i.q. and level of poverty? You're the one
>>who veered into that direction.
>I didn't. Once again you are either purposefully twisting
>my words, or once again you have trouble understanding
>complete sentences. I said that taken in socioeconomic
>context those figures argue for NEITHER black inferiority OR

I declared my pride in Blacks and you retaliated by bringin' in pseudo measures of intelligence to argue against my opinion. If your intention wasn't to convince me that my black pride wasn't credible, what was it?

>Yes, that's unfortunate.

Unfortunate? C'mon you coulda come up with a better adjective than that. A use of an euphemism to lighten the atrocoties that took place.

People didn't have even a
>rudimentary understanding of sociology or psychology back
>then, and unfortunately the majority of the world felt this

And they still don't. How many more centuries is it gonna take for you slow muthafuckas to see the light?

Not to mention, this proves my theory that historically, whites are clueless dumbasses. They had this stupid, irrational idea that they were superior and used that complex to IMPOSE suffering(in every imaginable form) on all black, brown, yellow, and red people.

Never mind the understanding of sociology or psychology. They couldn't even grasp the elementary code of human decency.

It's sad, but that's the way it was. Perhaps it's
>time for me to use the excuse that you use to excuse Elijah
>Muhammad's racism - "he was a man of his time" - LOL.
>Anyway, didn't Muhammad believe that white people were
>"devils" who were "evil" and "inferior"?

And did Muhammad use his theory to murder, exploit, rape whites in the same way that TJ did? And, within that context of time, it's only natural Muhammad came to that conclusion, after eyewitnessing the atrocities committed by the white man. Religion also has to be seen in its political context.

Wasn't your
>argument that those beliefs didn't mar his other
>"accomplishments"? At least be consistent, sugar.

When someone is responsible for justifyin' the murder of coloured people, there's no seein' past the negative.

>Jefferson was a brilliant writer, philosopher, and
>politician, and a brave revolutionary who changed the world.

You and I have radically different definitions of brilliance. To me, a man/woman of brilliance is someone who is:
-morally upright
-has the mental faculties to observe the conditions of those in suffering
-uses his knowledge for the benefit of the oppressed
-willing to sacrifice all in the name of his/her people
-questions the establishment
-comes from a humble background and yet, even when all odds are piled against him/her, he/she still manages to break the mold

TJ is none of those. You claim his brilliance only on the basis of his place in white man's history. He endlessly philosophized on democracy when he never knew of its basic definition. And the sad thing is, that stupidity extends into modern times. How can you be proud of such a man? That's like claimin' pride of Hitler. That muthafucka had politics on lock, but that doesn't exempt him from stupidity. Y'see Paul, intelligence isn't measured by your level of education or tunnel-vision knowledge. Some engineer at Los Alamos may be constructing nukes, but may be clueless as fuck when it comes to analyzin' human existence.

> Please name one of your forbears who has had any such

Well, gee Paul....the only American folks who had the genuine understanding of democracy were our Black civil rights leaders. It's thanks to them that there's chunks of democracy in this wasteland. It's because of them that we have black(coloured) scholars, activists, politicians, musicians, artists, athletes, educators,....We're the ones challenging white supremacy. If that's not revolutionary, I don't know what is. And don't ever forget that it's an ongoing struggle. The teachings of Malcolm X are just as relevant today as it was decades ago. You limit yourself by seein' things only within their temporal space.

>Defeating the Nazi menace in WWII.

Yeah, soon followed by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Hiroshima alone, over 80,000 innocent CIVILIANS were killed when it was well known that Japan was hangin on its last thread and ready to surrender. Before this event, U.S. Air Force Chief clearly stated that they were runnin' out of targets to bomb. Not to mention, Japan's had zero access to oil and war materials. Here's a quote: "By the beginning of September , Japan was almost completely defeated through a practically complete sea and air blockade." In other words, the U.S. murdered thousands without any legitimate reason to do so, other than flex their rambo muscles. What a great country! Stars and stripes!

Not to mention, 110,000 Japanese AMERICANS were herded into concentration camps. Now, ain't that a proud moment in history.

Oh yeah, how can I forget 'bout the millions of Native Americans who were murdered, raped, and dehumanized by whitey. Stars and stripes!

Establishing the first
>Republic since pre-Imperial Rome.

What kind of democratic republic is this?

Creating the most
>prosperous nation on earth.

At whose expense? Not only was this country's economy built on the backs of slaves, but even til this day, they've yet to learn from their mistakes.

Giving billions of dollars in
>aid to African and other thirld world countries - which they
>hijack and squandor.

And how did these countries become dependant in the first place? Western colonization. African empires were thrivin' 'fore white folks asserted their unwanted ass into their land and bloodied up the place. As a result of the slave trade, 120 million Africans either murdered or enslaved. Even now, you're hands are covered in blood as your brethren continue to exploit a continent of rich mineral resources and even richer people.

Providing billions in famine relief
>all over the world.

Who are starving as a result of capitalism and white supremacy. Y'all take shits in these countries, but don't wanna hang around when it's time to clean up.

Accepting millions of immigrants from
>all over the world - including Africa - who somehow seem to
>come here and prosper better than the minorities who already
>live here, interestingly enough.

Because they come to excape from the western exploitation that bloodies their land even more than it does here. And why do Afrikan immigrants do better than native Blacks? Simple. Because they were socialized into valuing education. We don't have thjat here. We're given schools that delete our history and expects us to fail.

>>When I said coloured folks, I include Asians, Latinos,
>>Middle Easterns, etc. Considering how large in number we
>>are, we are disproportionately repped on tv.
>Perhaps if blacks weren't so over-represented, we could
>solve this problem.

How 'bout cuttin' back on white representation. Sounds like a better option.

And now, I'm fuckin' tired so I have to stop here. Good night.

>>Yes, to you it's silly because this has nothing to do with
>It's silly because it's stupid.
>>Go do your own homework. Ever wonder why the Middle East,
>>along with the rest of the world, wants to fry our ass?
>I don't need to wonder. It's because the American military
>has a presence in the holy land of Arabia, and because of
>our asinine support of Israel. Mostly.
>>wonder why Palestinians, post 9-11, paraded in the streets
>>with Osama's head printed on their shirts?
>I already answered that question. It's not racial, it's
>religious and political. You are such a stupid fucking
>retard that you think everything revolves around you and
>your little crybaby bullshit. Suck it up. They don't give
>a fuck about you.