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Posted by PaulNice, Mon Jul-22-02 02:52 PM
>But they are now in prison, right?

I would hope so. What's your point?

>Oh fuck....so you are of the opinion that blacks only have
>the capacity to rap and play basketball?

Do you have a reading comprehension problem? You said the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY ignored blacks. In a lifetime of idiotic statements, that one is up there in your top 300, somewhere.

>You're fully
>exposed now. Believe it or not, there are plenty of
>afrocentric blacks who are conscious of their history and
>culture and yet, they've yet to be repped on the screen
>because of their potential threat to institutionalized

Nope. A people with no power and none in sight pose no threat. Go spout your looney theories anywhere you wish.

>>You are twisting my words. I said an APPEARANCE of some
>>LEVEL of professionalism. And I was referring specifically
>>to news programs.
>Yeah, like we should be really proud of our news programs
>Paul. They're so objective and go through a lot of trouble
>to present both sides of the story.

You really have a comprehension problem, don't you? It's rather sad. Anyway, I'll explain THIS to you as well - I never said we should be proud of our news. I said they have to keep up an APPEARANCE/FACADE/FRONT of professionalism.

>Then why did you go out of your way to measure blacks
>accordin' to their i.q. and level of poverty? You're the one
>who veered into that direction.

I didn't. Once again you are either purposefully twisting my words, or once again you have trouble understanding complete sentences. I said that taken in socioeconomic context those figures argue for NEITHER black inferiority OR superiority.

>No use tryin' to cover up your tracks now.

>Good god. Now I know why you are the way you are. In case
>you didn't know, TJ was a racist bastard who hid behind a
>front of democracy while characterizing blacks as wild
>beasts incapable of intellect.

Yes, that's unfortunate. People didn't have even a rudimentary understanding of sociology or psychology back then, and unfortunately the majority of the world felt this way. It's sad, but that's the way it was. Perhaps it's time for me to use the excuse that you use to excuse Elijah Muhammad's racism - "he was a man of his time" - LOL. Anyway, didn't Muhammad believe that white people were "devils" who were "evil" and "inferior"? Wasn't your argument that those beliefs didn't mar his other "accomplishments"? At least be consistent, sugar. Anyway, Jefferson was a brilliant writer, philosopher, and politician, and a brave revolutionary who changed the world. Please name one of your forbears who has had any such impact.

>>You are apparently ignorant regarding American history.
>White America's history is tainted with centuries of
>colonization, exploitation, and oppression. What's there to
>be proud of.

Defeating the Nazi menace in WWII. Establishing the first Republic since pre-Imperial Rome. Creating the most prosperous nation on earth. Giving billions of dollars in aid to African and other thirld world countries - which they hijack and squandor. Providing billions in famine relief all over the world. Accepting millions of immigrants from all over the world - including Africa - who somehow seem to come here and prosper better than the minorities who already live here, interestingly enough.

>When I said coloured folks, I include Asians, Latinos,
>Middle Easterns, etc. Considering how large in number we
>are, we are disproportionately repped on tv.

Perhaps if blacks weren't so over-represented, we could solve this problem.

>Yes, to you it's silly because this has nothing to do with

It's silly because it's stupid.

>Go do your own homework. Ever wonder why the Middle East,
>along with the rest of the world, wants to fry our ass?

I don't need to wonder. It's because the American military has a presence in the holy land of Arabia, and because of our asinine support of Israel. Mostly.

>wonder why Palestinians, post 9-11, paraded in the streets
>with Osama's head printed on their shirts?

I already answered that question. It's not racial, it's religious and political. You are such a stupid fucking retard that you think everything revolves around you and your little crybaby bullshit. Suck it up. They don't give a fuck about you.