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7641, RE: *scoff*
Posted by MFreeman, Mon Jul-22-02 02:23 PM
Well, it's obvious to me that you're on the losing end of this debate as you have resorted to respondin' with weak one-liners and conveniently deletin' parts of my reply that you cannot argue against.

>You wouldn't be concerned at all. I was physically
>assaulted because of the color of my skin, and was called
>various racial epithets throughout the encounter. If the
>colors were reversed, you'd be on here with a kleenex box,
>whining and bitching.

Dude...if the roles were reversed, I woulda effortlessly whupped their collective frail asses.

>No, it happened in Illinois. Nice guess, though.

But they are now in prison, right?

On the other hand (like I mentioned repeatedly), those who commit hate crimes against blacks are backed by the government.

>Is that why there are no blacks on MTV, VH1, BET, every pop
>and r&b radio station, every professional sport, and a whole
>slew of movies? - lol, you're funny.

Oh fuck....so you are of the opinion that blacks only have the capacity to rap and play basketball? You're fully exposed now. Believe it or not, there are plenty of afrocentric blacks who are conscious of their history and culture and yet, they've yet to be repped on the screen because of their potential threat to institutionalized racism.

>You are twisting my words. I said an APPEARANCE of some
>LEVEL of professionalism. And I was referring specifically
>to news programs.

Yeah, like we should be really proud of our news programs Paul. They're so objective and go through a lot of trouble to present both sides of the story.

>Neither do I. I wasn't arguing FOR the superiority of any
>race, I was arguing AGAINST the superiority of any race.
>Don't forget - you're the supremacist here, not me.

Then why did you go out of your way to measure blacks accordin' to their i.q. and level of poverty? You're the one who veered into that direction.

No use tryin' to cover up your tracks now.

>>you love Thomas Jefferson in the same way I love Malcolm X?
>No, I do not love Jefferson because he is a pop icon. I
>love him because he was a great philosopher, activist and

Good god. Now I know why you are the way you are. In case you didn't know, TJ was a racist bastard who hid behind a front of democracy while characterizing blacks as wild beasts incapable of intellect.

Please read David Walker's Appeal to the Coloured People of the World which documents TJ's views of blacks and the rationale behind his justification of slavery. It's only 100 pages and written in simple language so even a simp like you can comprehend.

>You are apparently ignorant regarding American history.

White America's history is tainted with centuries of colonization, exploitation, and oppression. What's there to be proud of. Even your musical traditions suck, which is why white america attempts to co-opt every black musical genre.

>So, you don't like TV. Turn it off and READ SOMETHING.
>Regardless, blacks are overrepresented on television, so
>please stop whining.

When I said coloured folks, I include Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterns, etc. Considering how large in number we are, we are disproportionately repped on tv.

>>Not to mention, all the minority actors out there play
>>Samboish roles that conform to the whitewashed system.
>>Rather than tell the story of the minority experience, they
>>are forced to play roles that don't challenge white

Yes, to you it's silly because this has nothing to do with you.

>. What's also interesting is that Usama, when
>>addressing the list of white American atrocities, mentioned
>>the heinous bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were
>>quick to edit that out becos they sure as hell didn't want
>>him to look like he's making sense.
>Suuuure he did. Hey you know what? I saw that too! Right
>at the end he said he was just kidding, and that he attacked
>the towers because he found "Queens Of Comedy" offensive and
>hates black people. Really. I'd hook you up with a link,
>but I can't seem to find one...

Go do your own homework. Ever wonder why the Middle East, along with the rest of the world, wants to fry our ass? Ever wonder why Palestinians, post 9-11, paraded in the streets with Osama's head printed on their shirts? Think 'bout it. Clueless ass Americans are convinced that the world is with us, when they're not.

btw, wtf you studyin' in school?