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Posted by MFreeman, Sat Jul-20-02 10:53 PM
>I personally have been jumped twice by a crowd of blacks,
>both times because I was white in a place which was mostly
>black. A great many of the people I know who are white have
>been attacked for the same reason and in the same fashion -
>of course it was only when they were alone.

Y'know...I don't believe you. Why? Because I don't think you are so stupid as to take your white racist ass into an all-black environment. I have faith in your idiocy, but not that much. You have enuff sense to know that if you're within' ten feet of a black community, I or anyone else would whup your ass.

And point #2:
And if by chance you are even more stupid than I imagined and got your ass kicked, that's too minor to be considered a hate crime. Everyone gets jumped. It's not that big of a deal. I'd only be concerned if your ribs were cracked in two.

>You suppose wrongly, again. I had to google for that shit,
>because shit like that rarely makes the national news.

Actually, I don't believe this either. Why?

Point #1: I remember hearin' of this story. It happened in Texas or somethin'....And, I know for a fact that the black men involved were sentenced.

Point #2: I doubt you did a goggle search on "white boy victimization" or something related to that. Again, I don't think you're so stupid as to go out of your way doin' research on a topic as lame as this.

>On the contrary, giving voice to those groups would
>strengthen white authority, because it would expose the
>idiocy of such asinine movements.

Black power movements are far from being "asinine". They are based on educatin' Blacks of our rich history, culture, and place in politics. They have no mainstream voice because the white-dominated entertainment industry has nothing to gain from black empowerment.

>I would imagine it's more like the same reason they won't
>let David Duke have his own show - the networks need to keep
>up at least an appearance of some level of professionalism,
>and having a joke like you or Duke on would destroy that

They need to maintain a level of professionalism? LOLOLOLOL. That's some funny shit, considering that shows like WWF, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, and other trashy shows get top ratings. Integrity is no longer an issue.

And, why is it that white racists like Bill O'Reilley have their own shows to showcase their backwardsass politics? You have to come up with a better argument cos this one has the runs.

Not to mention that all evidence - poverty levels,
>high school test scores, IQ test scores, average life span,
>the complete inability of any African nation to be self
>sufficient - argues against black superiority.

Africans? Or Black Americans?
Why aren't African nations self-sufficient? Because of western colonization. And get the fuck outta here with that low iq bullshit? Sopdet, Finespeaker, and a buncha other African scholars done schooled you on the great African civilizations.

Why do I advocate Black superiority? Because my people are responsible for creating rich traditions in history, politics, literature, music, art, dance, etc.

Superiority is not measured by all those instruments you measured. You seem to measure superiority by a group's ability to exploit/colonize. I don't go by that definition.

Can you honestly say that you are proud of your history? Do you love Thomas Jefferson in the same way I love Malcolm X? Do you have posters of Lincoln hangin' on your walls? I doubt it. We have a history of dynamic personalities (who struggled to secure rights for us) that are absent in white history.

And that's why I'm proud of bein' black.

>taken in socioeconomic and historical context they don't
>argue for black inferiority either, but your arguments are
>few and far between, and would run contrary to any actual
>empirical evidence that exists.

OMG! *sends out bat signal* You can't be serious. What you said above clearly blew your cover.

>You're like the most efficient bullshit factory in the
>world. Blacks make up over 18% of characters on prime-time
>television. Because they make up only 13% of the
>population, they are actually OVER represented.

Damn, you just don't get it. All of the prime-time shows are in urban settings where Black folks are greater in number. I don't care if they're only 13% out of the entire American population. Montana may be 99% white but none of the shows are set there are they? The shows are concentrated in areas like Los Angeles or New York where minorities are the majority.

Not to mention, all the minority actors out there play Samboish roles that conform to the whitewashed system. Rather than tell the story of the minority experience, they are forced to play roles that don't challenge white supremacy.

>>It was more racially/politically motivated than you think.
>>Y'see, I happened to watch the news when Usama's video first
>>came out. They made the mistake of airing the video in its
>>entirety. Usama clearly addressed the political motivations
>>behind the attacks. He specified that the attack against the
>>Twin Towers and Pentagon were an attack on white capitalism
>>(that's tainting the Middle East) and white government(for
>>its occupation of Palestine and Saudi Arabia)
>Could you please provide a link (non-black supremacist) to
>this funny theory you just made up?

It's not a theory. It's a fact. I tried to find a link, but couldn't. What's also interesting is that Usama, when addressing the list of white American atrocities, mentioned the heinous bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were quick to edit that out becos they sure as hell didn't want him to look like he's making sense.