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Posted by PaulNice, Sat Jul-20-02 04:56 PM
>Okay then, if the number of hate crimes against whites is
>that great, can you personally give me some names of white
>folks who have been hurt?

I personally have been jumped twice by a crowd of blacks, both times because I was white in a place which was mostly black. A great many of the people I know who are white have been attacked for the same reason and in the same fashion - of course it was only when they were alone.

>Well even if it wasn't caught on tape, how do you know 'bout
>this dragging? By media sources, I suppose.

You suppose wrongly, again. I had to google for that shit, because shit like that rarely makes the national news.

>The reason why the media doesn't acknowledge black power
>groups(who according to your definition are racists because
>they advocate black supremacy) is because they'd threaten
>the white supremacy the media is designed to uphold

On the contrary, giving voice to those groups would strengthen white authority, because it would expose the idiocy of such asinine movements.

>By now,
>I should have a talk show on nbc but of course I don't
>because the media doesn't want me to disseminate my views of
>black(coloured) superiority.

I would imagine it's more like the same reason they won't let David Duke have his own show - the networks need to keep up at least an appearance of some level of professionalism, and having a joke like you or Duke on would destroy that facade. Not to mention that all evidence - poverty levels, high school test scores, IQ test scores, average life span, the complete inability of any African nation to be self sufficient - argues against black superiority. Obviously taken in socioeconomic and historical context they don't argue for black inferiority either, but your arguments are few and far between, and would run contrary to any actual empirical evidence that exists.

>Isn't it fucked up that white racism is pc in media?
>Everytime I turn on the tv, I'm reminded that whites don't
>think coloured folks deserve representation on the screen.

You're like the most efficient bullshit factory in the world. Blacks make up over 18% of characters on prime-time television. Because they make up only 13% of the population, they are actually OVER represented.

>It was more racially/politically motivated than you think.
>Y'see, I happened to watch the news when Usama's video first
>came out. They made the mistake of airing the video in its
>entirety. Usama clearly addressed the political motivations
>behind the attacks. He specified that the attack against the
>Twin Towers and Pentagon were an attack on white capitalism
>(that's tainting the Middle East) and white government(for
>its occupation of Palestine and Saudi Arabia)

Could you please provide a link (non-black supremacist) to this funny theory you just made up?