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Posted by MFreeman, Sat Jul-20-02 02:05 PM
>As there are far more than 365 hate crimes committed against
>whites per year, they're comitted against whites everyday as

Okay then, if the number of hate crimes against whites is that great, can you personally give me some names of white folks who have been hurt? I can give you a list of fifty, and I'm only one black person. My friend was killed. Another black person can add another ten to the list. Another can bring ten more to the table.

>>only time it gets noticed is when the shit gets caught on
>>tape (Ex: Donovan Jackson).
>That's bullshit. Was that dragging caught on tape?

Well even if it wasn't caught on tape, how do you know 'bout this dragging? By media sources, I suppose. And, I'm sure the blacks who dragged that man are serving time. And yet, police are authorized/paid to beat the shit outta blacks. Hate crime against blacks is institutionalized.

>Because the media always jumps on anti-semitism, as it jumps
>all over anti-black hate crimes.

Okay, let me get back to this line:

It's so un-PC to mention black racism that the media's petrified to even acknowledge its existence.

The reason why the media doesn't acknowledge black power groups(who according to your definition are racists because they advocate black supremacy) is because they'd threaten the white supremacy the media is designed to uphold. By now, I should have a talk show on nbc but of course I don't because the media doesn't want me to disseminate my views of black(coloured) superiority.

Isn't it fucked up that white racism is pc in media? Everytime I turn on the tv, I'm reminded that whites don't think coloured folks deserve representation on the screen.

>I've gone from thinking you're just deluded to believing
>you're a fucking liar. And if you're trying to call the
>9/11 attacks a racially motivated hate crime, then you need
>to read up on the reasons why they did what they did. You
>obviously do not comprehend the myriad issues that Muslim
>extremists have with the US gov't. And perhaps you dont
>know this - or don't care - but there were people of all
>races killed in that attack, dunny. Smarten up before you
>bring some weak shit like that. You know better.

It was more racially/politically motivated than you think. Y'see, I happened to watch the news when Usama's video first came out. They made the mistake of airing the video in its entirety. Usama clearly addressed the political motivations behind the attacks. He specified that the attack against the Twin Towers and Pentagon were an attack on white capitalism (that's tainting the Middle East) and white government(for its occupation of Palestine and Saudi Arabia). Of course, the media realized its mistake and edited the video, showing only parts that made him look like an incoherent lunatic, with the excuse that the edited parts were sending out subliminal messages. *cough*