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7636, RE: *scoff*
Posted by PaulNice, Sat Jul-20-02 12:42 PM

>Dude.....what's it gonna take for you to realize that hate
>crimes against colored folks are committed everyday?

As there are far more than 365 hate crimes committed against whites per year, they're comitted against whites everyday as well.

>only time it gets noticed is when the shit gets caught on
>tape (Ex: Donovan Jackson).

That's bullshit. Was that dragging caught on tape?

>And, it's un-PC to mention "black racism"(whatever the hell
>this is)? If that's the case, why did the media light a
>match under Farrakhan's ass?

Because the media always jumps on anti-semitism, as it jumps all over anti-black hate crimes.

>The media loves to address hate crimes committed against
>white folks, which explains why 9-11 was a huge media hit.

I've gone from thinking you're just deluded to believing you're a fucking liar. And if you're trying to call the 9/11 attacks a racially motivated hate crime, then you need to read up on the reasons why they did what they did. You obviously do not comprehend the myriad issues that Muslim extremists have with the US gov't. And perhaps you dont know this - or don't care - but there were people of all races killed in that attack, dunny. Smarten up before you bring some weak shit like that. You know better.