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7635, *scoff*
Posted by MFreeman, Sat Jul-20-02 11:48 AM
>I'd say that the opposite is true. Everybody hears about
>the white guys that dragged that black guy behind their
>pickup, but nobody hears about the black guys who did the
>EXACT same thing to a white guy in Illinois. It's so un-PC
>to mention black racism that the media's petrified to even
>acknowledge its existence.

Dude.....what's it gonna take for you to realize that hate crimes against colored folks are committed everyday? The only time it gets noticed is when the shit gets caught on tape (Ex: Donovan Jackson).

And, it's un-PC to mention "black racism"(whatever the hell this is)? If that's the case, why did the media light a match under Farrakhan's ass?

The media loves to address hate crimes committed against white folks, which explains why 9-11 was a huge media hit.