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Topic subjectI guess your not serious
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7628, I guess your not serious
Posted by peace3, Fri Jul-19-02 01:05 PM
Cause your a joke Paul.
You take your stats and statistics too seriously.
And by the way I ain't trying to hang with you foolio. I don't hang with intellectual wannabes gassed up by their pseudo intelligence. We are not on a debate team and I'm not hear to put you up or down home skillet. Just letting you know that you're the one being narrow minded.
Statistics are great and errythang, but we all know what's right and wrong. Statistics and numbers will not distract me from seeing what's RIGHT & WRONG!! you're on here cursing and chirping about some bull shit that no one can hang wit you on an arguement, but nobody gives a FUCK. It's the internet dawg, get a life.

Funny thang iz 99% of people who talk all this intellectual and statistical shit on here wouldn't have SHIT to say in a real face to face open discussion. Most of you (Paul) couldn't formulate questions and ideas in a real round table discussion.
Socially retarted folks like yoself need some getright...keep yo game tight
peaces upon you Paul

I was Hip Hop b4 Hip Hop had rules.

Pure is my thought
Much purer is my heart