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Topic subjectRE: Hey Paul...Are you serious?
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7627, RE: Hey Paul...Are you serious?
Posted by PaulNice, Fri Jul-19-02 12:33 PM

>Cause I sure can't take you serious.

Of course you can't. You and most of the other angry dipshits on this thread refuse to believe anything that doesn't fit into your narrow and fictional idea of how the world is. Why don't you try pulling a contrary statistic out of your ass, geek. I didn't make that shit up - YOU make shit up; I bring facts and figures, references and statistics, definitions and an indefatiguable intellect.

>*From now on I will harass ALL posts you make*
>thank you
>and that is all

In case you haven't noticed, donkey, EVERYBODY harasses all the posts I drop. And you, being a know-nothing dickhead who brings ZERO to the table, need to learn from MFreeman and Sherron, 2 of the very few folks on this spot who can hang with me in an argument.