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Topic subjectRE: Hey Paulie:Black vs. White Racism
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7625, RE: Hey Paulie:Black vs. White Racism
Posted by PaulNice, Thu Jul-18-02 12:48 PM
Wait a second... Is this an intelligent post? AND I DIDN'T POST IT?!! Apart from the fact that blacks commit 20% of all hate crimes (according to a 1998 justice dept. survey) while only making up about 13% of the population - which means they commit more racist hate crimes per capita than whites - the negative effects of black racism are minor, and totally insignificant when compared with the effects of white racism on society. The problem is that more and more blacks believe it's okay to be racist (the dictionary definition), which will only serve to hurt them in the end. And if they ever become, as a people, self sufficient, and gain a long-overdue modicum of power, then black racism will hurt whomsoever they deem inferior.

This, of course, is besides the point. My point is that black people can be racist - a point made obvious by the many black racists who regularly post on this site, not to mention the very definition of the word. I ONLY made this post in the first place because this board is chock-full of black racist hypocrites.