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Topic subjectRE: that is some bullshit
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7614, RE: that is some bullshit
Posted by PaulNice, Thu Jul-18-02 05:37 AM
>the dictionary, like everything else written, is
>that means it came from a particular, time, place and

I agree. The time? Now. The place? Here. Dictionaries are updated and republished EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

>it was written, as is the language itself, to codify
>meanings of words, hence culture, hence reality.

Wrong. The codifying in this case is alphabatizing, which makes the definitions more accesible. The Dictionary was assembled to provide definitions for words that people (like you) don't understand.

>if a dominant group develops the language and gives it
>meaning, they will only do so to justify their own
>existence. & to justify the methods that allow it. from
>that we will get a simple ahistorical definition of a word
>that, if further investigated, completely blows up their

Wrong. There is no justification of anything's existence in the Dictionary. This is such total bullshit I'm suprised you actually wrote it. If this is true, what is the word for someone who believes certain races are superior to others? Without a concrete set of definitions words entirely lose their meaning and become intangible things subject to the whims of fools like you. And could you please explain to me how the definition of "racism" justifies the existence of white people? LOL