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Topic subjectthat is some bullshit
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7613, that is some bullshit
Posted by Max, Thu Jul-18-02 03:44 AM
not only that, it's some funny bullshit.

the dictionary, like everything else written, is historicized.
that means it came from a particular, time, place and conditions.

it was written, as is the language itself, to codify meanings of words, hence culture, hence reality.

if a dominant group develops the language and gives it meaning, they will only do so to justify their own existence. & to justify the methods that allow it. from that we will get a simple ahistorical definition of a word that, if further investigated, completely blows up their spot.

so, as useful as it is to those of us trapped by the english language, it would be completely ridiculous for us to give it the kind of authority you seem to.

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