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Topic subjectRE: this can't be real
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7611, RE: this can't be real
Posted by MFreeman, Thu Jul-18-02 04:37 AM
>its funny how freeman disputes everytime paul makes a point
>in favor of whites...

And that's somethin' I should be ashamed of? lol....you cmtfu.

yet when jen makes a statement with
>similar sentiments he jumps on the biggest dick in the

Can you read? She never said she agreed with him. She stated that she respects him for his honesty.

accept knowledge from blacks....lol...thats
>funny....id accept knowledge from a black person anyday as
>long as theyre knowledgeable.....

Yes, you accept their knowledge so long as it doesn't put any blame on yourself or White America. Any coloured person who threatens your security loses credibility. That puts all pro-Blacks on your black list.

and as long as it isnt any
>one of these half- read- quick- to -jump (conclusions or
>dicks)ghetto scholars who have nothing better to do than
>complain about situations and circumstances...."butbutbut
>what about dis an dat and

A ghetto scholar? Now, you're really buggin'. That phrase alone made you lose any credibility you might of had.
And, complainin' and questionin' the way things are are foreign to you because you are blissfully ignorant in that Smallsville life of yours.

>t'other???????"......awwww...shaddup!......its funny how
>USUALLY no post concerning race can be productive....on

If that's the case, why are you here?

IMO, any discussions on race is productive.
If you have nothin' to bring to the table, do us all a favor and put a ball of fist in your mouth.