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Posted by jenNjuice, Thu Jul-18-02 10:50 AM
1. the smiley face at the end of my first sentence is usually an indication of me NOT BEING SERIOUS

note: i was joking when i said someone has to agree with the white boy...BUT if you read any of the post btwn me and paul you would KNOW that i NEVER agreed with him, x'cept for one thing

2. I AM serious when i say i don't think pauls a jack ass though

3. why do you care about what I think of him?

he may be a racist son of a bitch-and he'll still be cool to me if he doesn't hide that, because i know exactly WHAT im dealing with

4. you say that no one has to agree, BUT it seems as though you desperately want me to hop on that bandwagon

5. what yt' thinks of black people is NOT that serious to me
why do you hold what he says to suh value?

6. and bc of #5 i can disagree with him on a different level without the addition of reverting the victimized negro role, (not saying that that's what you or anyone else is doing, im just stating)

7. ok activist are real people hiding behind cyber identity, art imitates life, i consider this a macrocosm of the "real world"

8. im out..