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7593, RE: where'd you get
Posted by cued, Thu Jul-18-02 09:46 AM

>SOMEBODY gotso agree with the white boy:)

Why? That's some slave mentality if I ever heard some! No onehas to agree with anyone -- especially if you don't really agree. Then you're just perpetuating... what, ignorance, racism, etc., it's a grab-bag, really. I'm sure you were raised to validate yourself and to be grounded if necessary which could mean getting told you were wrong. Why should be be treated special? Cuz he white?

>but on a serious note, i think that's just WHO HE IS


>i don't expect him to bend over back wards for me because im
>black and he's white and HIS kind done MY kind wrong for
>hundreds of years...

I don't expect it either because most of them will tell you with a mouth butter wouldn't melt in how much they like OUR kind and how that was THEIR ancestors not THEM, despite profiting from it. Or they might get bold and tell you that their family owned slaves and dare you to speak on it as you wonder why the fuck they felt they needed to offer that information.

But you know, that's the real world. I don't expect much, to be quite honest. But this is the cyber-world and this is OkayPlayer and you know what? I don't expect to come onto this board and see this kind of racist bullshit. I really, honestly don't. This whole post is wrong in more ways than I can count. From the way it was implemented to the way it was defended. I like to call this style of argumentation "King of the Hill." What happens is the orginal person asserts a position and everyone who comes up the hill is shot with a gun. Gun = senseless death, no reasoning with a gun.

King of the fucking hill.

>i don't agree with what he says and THAT'S it...and just bc
>he has a difference of opinion im not going to label him a
>jackass because he doesn't deliver his message the way
>"black people" want him to..

I _called_ him a jackass (it was no lable at all) because he is one. All "king of the hill" argumentation is that of jackasses with insecurity anxieties. But there are other problems with what you are attributing to me which I don't like. It has nothing to do with "black people" because I am not presenting myself as a racial entity. Secondly, it has nothing to do with him puppeting the words I want to hear. That's slam insulting. However, he is a jackass (=mule=stubborn and/or ="not bright") because he attributed "code" with alphabetizing instead of what the orginal author meant and intended. Jackass. He asserts his superiority (internalized racial superiority) and his intelligence, but he's really: 1) playing king of the hill and 2) wanting validation for hating Black people, a la "It's okay if I hate niggers because niggers hate me. Wait! That isn't racism!!!"

Why should I, you, or anyone have time for that?