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7591, RE: where'd you get
Posted by cued, Thu Jul-18-02 08:47 AM

Stop arguing with him. It's pointless. While Jen agrees with his method, I see through it.

He wants to be validated for hating Black people because they're Black and being a racist. He wants racism to be universalized instead of particularized so that he can be guilt-free. This whole discussion and his responses stem out of a basic non-want to be/feel guilty, which is great! It truly is. His racial formation level is probably at a 2. Aware that racism exists, but he would like to go back to pre-knowledge where he believed all things were equal and while the world was pro-white, it didn't necessarily mean anti-Black, thus escaping seeing himself and his people whole. You can't change this. You can do nothing but exhaust yourself trying to get blood from a turnip and, honestly, it ain't none of your concern. You can't "explain" to someone who already has their mind made up. You can't plead to the senses of one who has already made her mind up to hate, perpetuate, and benefit. You just can't. No use trying. A waste of your precious mind and insight which would be better used on your brothas and sistas.