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Topic subjectdamn.
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7589, damn.
Posted by MFreeman, Wed Jul-17-02 03:32 PM
Just when I thought you crawled back under the stones, you caught a second wind.

>R i i i i g h t. The dictionary is an illegitimate source
>for the definition of words.

Don't you know by now that some words have solid definitions while others are malleable dependin' on its time/space?

History books give an example of this. What's recorded as fact is debateable which is why history is constantly bein' redefined.

Don't you have any sense of
>the ridiculous?

Of course junior. I see it in you.

Isn't there ever a voice in your head that
>says "WAIT - even I can't say something this fucking

You only think it's stupid because you piss and quake anytime someone(especially a Black person) doesn't define life according to your hare-brained ways.