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Posted by MFreeman, Wed Jul-17-02 02:39 PM
>What definition of "racism" do you use, Freeman?

Seriously, how many times am I gonna have to define this for you until you see the light?

Racism=institutionalized racism. And IR is the only form of racism that we need to be concerned with.

>Definitions are not objective.

But it is. Which is the reason why it is okay for me to use words like "nigga" or "nip". On the other hand, your use of these words would carry on a new meaning of hate.

This would be like me saying
>to a Frenchman "Oui? Oh, I see - you're using the French
>Man's dictionary. MY definition of "oui" is "cantelope"."
>It's fucking ridiculous - it's not the white man's

You're takin' this out of context as you usually do in your desparate attempt to prove your sorry-ass case. Racism is not as simple a word as "oui". It takes on different meanings, depending on which side of the power structure you're on. And of course, the exploiter will define racism in a way that would help him achieve his ends.