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Posted by cued, Thu Jul-18-02 08:38 AM

You are SOOOOOOOOO far away from being anywhere NEAR intelligent!


You are using a dictionary... a _dictionary_! to make a statement about reality.

*shakes head*

You are the otherside of intelligent my friend. Sorry.

Dictionaries are best use to find the distinct differences between similar words, pronunciations, and etymology (which IS a science *shakes head*). Does it exist in reality? No. Is it going to favor those who "won" in the history books? Yes. Is it impartial and objective? No. It's a dictionary and you have to use it like a dictionary. It is a _TOOL_ not the machine.

Your privilege allows you to write the stupid shit you wrote in here without thinking twice about how dumb you truly appear.

People of color cannot be racist because they don't have the power to implement any race prejudice they have.

That doesn't mean people of color can't be prejudiced. It doesn't mean people of color can't be bigots. And it sure as hell doesn't mean we can't be rude. But it does me we can't oppress you the way you and your brethren and sistern (heh) can oppress us at any given time under any circumstances.

Take, for example, years ago when Susan Smith drowned her children. On her word, in South Carolina that summer, they searched high and low for the Black man who kidnapped and drowned her children. They even got some poor joker to confess to it. Then they found out she did it.

Does this mean that Susan Smith hated Black people? Not necessarily. But she did have the power to direct attention away from herself and onto Black men and have people believe her, even find someone to confess to it, while she committed the crime herself.

Racism is a system. It isn't a collection of ill will or feelings. It is like a machine and it has parts to it and it is fueled. It is fueled by people like you who can't own to their part in perpetuating it and people like me who don't always fight it as hard as they can when it is crushing their backs.

So there, I have said what I think you are really after. Yes, not all Black people like white people. Yes, some of us, even rightfully, think of ourselves as being superior to white folks. Yes, some of us want nothing to do with buckras. (a word I am learning to love) However, do people of color have the power to be believed _at their word_ like Susan Smith? While the example of Susan Smith picks up institutionally, what gets me is how her word was believed without doubt. Never in my life have I uttered a word to these selfsame institutions without my word being challenged and 'buked. Yet, a white woman, a white person, can say, "A Black man kidnapped my chill'un and drown'd them!" and be believed.

Think on it and come up to being as intelligent as you say.