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Posted by jenNjuice, Wed Jul-17-02 06:14 PM
>But I admit to that. I don't want to accept any more than what >I've already been brainwashed with (in primary, secondary, >junior/senior high, and in college). I don't hide behind some >politically correct front.

but why is it brain washed?

can you honestly say that ALL the information you received was for the betterment of the white race/belittlement of the black mind, non factual/genuine?

>And now, I'm movin' beyond the boards and into reality:

>If someone clearly has issues acceptin' knowledge from Blacks, >I want them to say it out loud for the world to hear. I mean, >what's so obvious/blatant to us is the last thing to be noticed >by *insert any white person's name".

what is this knowledge?

or are you speaking in terms of knowledge based on "racial issues"?

from what OR who's perspective should it be deemed correct, and why?

p.s:(i DO see what your saying, and to some extent agree)

i just need a lil more elaboration, flex your brain muscle's and impress me:)