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Topic subjectRE: he's going agaisn't the grain
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7578, RE: he's going agaisn't the grain
Posted by MFreeman, Wed Jul-17-02 06:00 PM
>if you want to accuse him of refusing to accept knowledge
>from blacks, you might as well accuse me, yourself, and any
>other black person that disagree's with him for the same
>i.e:"not accepting knowledge from whites"

But I admit to that. I don't want to accept any more than what I've already been brainwashed with (in primary, secondary, junior/senior high, and in college). I don't hide behind some politically correct front.

And now, I'm movin' beyond the boards and into reality:

If someone clearly has issues acceptin' knowledge from Blacks, I want them to say it out loud for the world to hear. I mean, what's so obvious/blatant to us is the last thing to be noticed by *insert any white person's name".