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7567, RE: Seriously
Posted by MFreeman, Wed Jul-17-02 03:01 PM
>That was a nice tactical retreat. And I don't give a chunk
>of flying fucking dogshit about "white priveledge" -

Right, right. You only say that cos you haven't been to the other side of the fence. You're where you're at right now because of that "white" pass. Clearly, you have the intelligence and sense of a five year-old( and that's givin' you too much credit) and yet, even despite that, I'm sure you're livin' decently. Had you been born black, you'd be scrapin' toilets.

I can
>stand on my own because of my obvious and imposing

No, you stand only because of your white status. Had you been born into another race with that level of intellect, your ass wouldn't have made it past your first birthday.