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7565, Seriously
Posted by MFreeman, Wed Jul-17-02 02:45 PM
>Listen whitey, you're probably the only dipshit here who
>doesn't know the point of this post. This has been an
>ongoing point of contention between myself and some others
>on the board. Many people here assert that black people CAN
>NOT be racist, that there is not ONE racist black person in
>America, because they don't have power. I am illustrating -
>by posting the very definition of the word - that power is
>irrelevant when deciding who is or isn't racist. Try and
>follow the bouncing ball for chrissakes.

I think you're actin' sensitive cos you're afraid your white privilege isn't as secure as you imagined it to be. And again, power is very much a part of the equation. Why be worried 'bout a "racist" who can't act on his opinions? Whatever hate is only internalized. Nobody's hurtin' you Paul so stop shittin' in your pants.