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Topic subjectRE: Whats the point of this post
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7563, RE: Whats the point of this post
Posted by PaulNice, Wed Jul-17-02 02:33 PM
>Whats the point of this post. You know there are some Blacks
>that hate Whites, and there are sure as hell alot of whites
>thats hate. Thats not the issue. The issue is we live under
>a system that favors whites and the expense of people of
>color, and this is coming from a white man.

Listen whitey, you're probably the only dipshit here who doesn't know the point of this post. This has been an ongoing point of contention between myself and some others on the board. Many people here assert that black people CAN NOT be racist, that there is not ONE racist black person in America, because they don't have power. I am illustrating - by posting the very definition of the word - that power is irrelevant when deciding who is or isn't racist. Try and follow the bouncing ball for chrissakes.