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Topic subjectPeace BlackMan, do me favor...
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7547, Peace BlackMan, do me favor...
Posted by Intelligently95, Thu Jul-18-02 07:06 AM
please do not refer to me as a nigga!

“5% Science demands that the Black Family Master the pro-pensities of Righteousness; to hold error in check w/Truth, to Conquer Ignorance w/intelligence and to Overcome deceit w/probity. This is the “Power” of Universal Thought activating righteously.” - Minister Aleek Jahkim Allah


“The “Refined” Mind is one that Builds to Be Born! This is the God Plane Activating of Knowledge-Known, or Word Is Bond. The Power of 5% is Life Everlasting. (Mind never be-comes Dust) No resurrection from the coffin awaits Mind or Life, for the Grave lacks Power over either! 5%, its True Realization, cannot be viewed as fractionizing an Arithmetical Equation. Nor is 5% a low percentage of a whole. But it is, as defined Universally, “Supreme Consciousness manifesting the Reality of Life from the Foundation of Truth.” – Minister Aleek Jahkim Allah