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Topic subjectRE: Emphatically Now Cipher!
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7545, RE: Emphatically Now Cipher!
Posted by RaAmen, Fri Jul-19-02 04:52 PM
>ok, but then by that definition you are calling white people
>as a whole, racist. because it is the government, it is
>cops, it is society as a whole holding down the black race.
>but his definition is speaking on a more relevant level,
>person to person. and thats what we are, individuals. so by
>his definition, an individual black person can indeed be
>racist. this isnt debateable, black people dont only live in
>america. in africa, one group of black people can easily
>oppress another. what would you call that? both groups are
>black, but they are different economicaly and culturaly. so
>what you are describing can be the case for many groups
>around the world, it doesnt have to be based on race. thats
>just the case in america. i dont know, im sure ill learn
>more as my life progresses, and there are many definitions
>of racism, but understand, there are also many different
>types, and not all of them involve society as a whole.