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7544, RE: Emphatically Now Cipher!
Posted by geofftubbin, Wed Jul-17-02 07:30 PM
ok, but then by that definition you are calling white people as a whole, racist. because it is the government, it is cops, it is society as a whole holding down the black race. but his definition is speaking on a more relevant level, person to person. and thats what we are, individuals. so by his definition, an individual black person can indeed be racist. this isnt debateable, black people dont only live in america. in africa, one group of black people can easily oppress another. what would you call that? both groups are black, but they are different economicaly and culturaly. so what you are describing can be the case for many groups around the world, it doesnt have to be based on race. thats just the case in america. i dont know, im sure ill learn more as my life progresses, and there are many definitions of racism, but understand, there are also many different types, and not all of them involve society as a whole.