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Posted by cued, Thu Jul-25-02 07:08 AM
Ya know, I heard about that when I was... 20... listening to one of the most beautiful and vibrant sistas I have ever met. She was a recently converted Five Percenter. To be honest, religions make me go blank, except I LOVE the mysticism of all religions.

Anyway, it wasn't until I read _Existentia Africana_ that I found that little (but HUGE) kernal of truth and I was overjoyed.

Lesson: There's truth in most everything.

And there I was, thinking she was a fanatic and wondering why she would subscribe to any religion that sought to break her down and make her submissive. Yes, I had a crush on her. A BIG OL' crush. But I was very in that place of letting women know that my primary attractions were towards male-oriented humans. (convoluted enough? But there is a reason for me to say it like that, but I digress... you can inbox me if you really wanna know)

So... I did nothing but watch her be beautiful and tell me these stories and like a chump, say nothing.

I might've seen her once after that summer. When she realized I played for the other team, her smile was never as open. Felt shitty, but dat's life, folks!



*This has been a story-break moment provided by Crest*