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Topic subjectRE: Any word w/ology is science
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7529, RE: Any word w/ology is science
Posted by PaulNice, Thu Jul-18-02 12:08 PM
>science is the study or observation of etc... Etymology is
>the study of words and their historical derivatives etc
>etc... You are correct in stating the linguistics aspect of
>this, but you are misconstruing the point. Etymology is a
>science because you are studying, gathering information to
>make it relevant to whatever the circumstances may be.

Ah. You're right, I'm wrong.

>Add on: You are the only one w/this erroneous assertion of
>Black people having the ability to be racist. It is bigger
>than me not liking someone based on their ethnicity, that's
>called pre-judging someone. Nettrice eloquently responded
>to this post stating it is all about power! I have to
>concur w/her assessment. So now on this note...

You may concur, but you'd be wrong. To prove this, I once again refer you to the definition of the word "racist", posted above. I think you will find no references to "power" whatsoever.